Sunday, March 20, 2016

[Legacy] Material Design Workshop

 Google Developer Groups Dubai
Event updates

Material Design - Android Workshop

13th of Feb 2pm - 5:30pm at Impact Hub (new time)

Greetings members,

Here are few helpful tips for tomorrow's event.

What you need
  • Get your laptops and your chargers
  • Have android studio installed
  • download the android SDK (preferably the latest).
  • Introduction to design support and material design elements (30-45mins)
    • theming
    • using recyclerview
    • applying ripple effect 
    • using fab 
    • tabbed bar 
    • floating title
  • Bad and good design (15mins)
  • Build a sample app that reflects the material design elements (2 h)
  • Extra exercise (20 mins)

Parking is available
The event is free


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