Sunday, March 20, 2016

[Legacy] Go Hackthon

Tomorrow's Event

Thank you for registering to our event, It starts tomorrow 28th Feb at 12pm till 6:00pm.

Here is what you need to know and prepare:

Google Technologies Hackathon, Agenda:
1- Introduction to Google Cloud Platform
2- Workshop using Go, GCP, App Engine & Polymer
      - how to build a backend
      - how to create REST API
      - building simple web app w/ polymer
3- Hackathon: Use those tools to build any project.
What you need to do before:
1 - Bring your computer
2 - install or use your favorite editor (ex: atom, vim, sublime, ...)
3 - Install Google App Engine (Download Google App Engine for Go)
2 - Install Go Plugin for your editor or choice
ex: {
Atom: you can use go-plus
Vim: go for vim
sublime: go sublime }
3- have a gmail account
(Optional) // to be used with Polymer

//come early if you need help
Thanks to all who attended our previous event. Here are some pictures.


Thuraya Hall DIC building #3
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